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Over the years Lagos State has remained one of the most peaceful locations in Nigeria, the preferred destination for international business with an ever-growing population, but some may wonder how the 4th largest economy on the African Continent has maintained the security level in the State?

Lagos State has unrelentingly complimented the effort of the Federal Government of the Republic of Nigeria in the provision of crime-fighting equipment and logistics for security agencies operating in the State through the Lagos State Security Trust Fund.

The Fund has over the years continued to ensure the training and retraining of the officers, provision of operational vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), Gunboats, motorbikes, fuelled security patrols, frequent replacements of parts especially consumables such as tyres and batteries due to the rigorous activities the vehicles undergo in addition to general maintenance when necessary amongst others, for the security agencies in the State. These interventions have therefore improved the operational capacity of the operatives and translated to improved security.

The operatives of the security agencies have remained efficient and selfless in the discharge of their duties because they enjoy assurance of optimum healthcare service through the intervention of the Fund in the provision of medical supplies and logistics including generator and ambulance for the Police Hospital, Falomo and the RRS Clinic.

To also boost the morale and self-esteem of the men, the Fund provided uniforms and complete accouterments (shoulder badges, operational boots, beret, raincoats, rain boots, and belts) for the 2000 men of the RRS while their allowances are promptly paid as and when due by the Lagos State Government.

All these interventions help to provide necessary tools, skills and morale required by the security agencies to collectively enhance the security architecture in the State.

The Fund in year 2020 intends to focus on programmes, dialogues, civic engagement and other communication strategies which will combat the root causes of crime through Research and Development schemes which will concentrate on extensive study of crime mapping and demography of crime in Lagos, identifying critical needs of security agencies in the state and other programmes in addition to the provision of critical crime fighting equipment for the Police and other security agencies.

These programmes will be targeted at societal ills such as drug abuse, cultism and general deviant behaviors with the aim of disabusing the minds of the teenagers and youths from such deviant behavior as experience has shown that preventive measures are more efficient, cost effective and the ultimate outcomes are more successful while the Police can effectively deal with the few that may want to test our collective resolve to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for individual and corporate advancement.

It must be emphasized that as the State and her residents enjoy a level of safety, security expenses remains a recurrent expenditure that cannot be taken with levity and would require everyone to contribute to the LSSTF in order to continue to guarantee the prosperity and development of all in the State.

In 2020, the LSSTF plans to support the Lagos State Police Command with Anti-riot and non-lethal equipment which will guarantee safety of lives and properties in the State in event of any public disturbance. Also the Fund intends to support the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency (LNSA) in the area of training and capacity building as it has been established that community policing is the surest way of preventing crime. 

Finally, the Fund implores citizens to be more vigilant and report any suspicious activities to relevant authority through the 112 & 767 toll free numbers.

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