Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

Also known as the Bomb Squad, the men of the EOD are responsible for the disposalof hazardous explosive devices. In addition to neutralizing munitions or bombs, conducting training and presenting evidence, EOD officers also respond to other problems. They dispose of old or unstable explosives, such as ones used in quarrying or mining, as well as old or unstable fireworks and ammunition. They escort VIPs and dignitaries. They assist specialist police units, raid and entry teams with booby-trap detection and avoidance. Another function of an EOD Officer is the conducting of post-blast investigations. The EOD Officers’ training and experience with bombs make them an integral part of any bombing investigation. Another part of an EOD officer’s job involves supporting the government intelligence units. This involves searching all places that the high ranking government officers or other protected dignitaries travel, stay or visit. The LSSTF intervenes in the periodic provision of equipment and vehicles for the EOD/Bomb Squad.

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