When was the LSSTF Established?

The LSSTF was established on the 3rd of September 2007 by a Law of the State House of Assembly during the administration of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola. This was the bill passed into law on his assumption of office.

 Why was the LSSTF Created?

The LSSTF was created for the sole purpose of raising funds and other resources with the aim of supporting Security Agencies in the State (particularly the Rapid Response Squad – RRS) in combating crime in the State.

 Is LSSTF a Security Agent/Agency?

The LSSTF is not a Security Agent or Agency. It is a Public-Private partnership Organization set up to raise funds and caters for the needs of Security Agents and Agencies.

 What activites does the LSSTF do?

The activities of the Fund are geared towards fundraising and provision of assets for Security Agents. This has assisted the Fund to raise money to the tune of N17 Billion (Seventeen Billion Naira) in equipment, material and cash.

 How can I make Donations to the LSSTF?

You can make donations through direct deposits into the Fund’s bank accounts via cheques, by transfer, or on the donation platform on the website of the Fund.

Donations in kind/material can be made to Office of the Fund.

Can I report a crime or make Suggestions to the LSSTF?

LSSTF has a highly interactive website where you can report crimes or make suggestions. However, as the Fund is not a Security Agency, such information will be passed to the appropriate Security Agency.

 What type of Donations can I make to the LSSTF?

You can make monetary, material or equpment donations to the Fund.

 Is LSSTF a Government Agency?

Yes, the LSSTF is a government agency, but runs as a quasi-private establishment with Public/Private Partnership Involvement .

 What are the Objectives of the LSSTF?

To foster an effective and enduring public-private partnership for crime prevention, containment, and eradication in Lagos State.

To pursue private, corporate, local, state and federal funding opportunities to accomplish the State’s security goals.

To review and recommend funding for qualifying security projects.

To acquire and deploy security equipment and such human, material and financial resources for effective functioning of all federal, state, local and other security agencies operating in the State.

To provide funds for the training and retraining of security personnel in Lagos State.


 What are the sources of Allocation?

Contributions from the Federal, State and Local Government Councils, LCDAs, Corporate Organisations, Non-governmental organisations and individuals.

 Does the LSSTF render accounts for the Donations received?

Donations received are accounted for and details of expenditure made known to donors. Click here see what your donations do.

 What Security Agencies does the LSSTF assist?

We support Security Agencies in Lagos State, including: 13 Area Commands and 107 Police Divisions and other Police Formations such as the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), State Intelligence Bureau (SIB), Marine Police, Mounted Police, Counter Terrorism Squad, Mobile Police (MOPOL Units  – 22, 20, 21, 2, 43, 49, etc), Anti Bomb Squad, Airport Police Command, Special Task Force, Neighbourhood Watch, etc.

We also support the State Security Service, OP MESA (Army, Navy, Air Force), National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Nigeria Immigrations Service, Nigeria Prisons Service, and the Federal Road Safety Corps.

 Does the LSSTF generate Revenue?

The LSSTF does not generate revenue.

 How prompt is the intervention of the LSSTF?

The LSSTF is swift in response to requests made by any Security Agent/Agency, while priority is given to requests made to aid crime fighting.

 Does the LSSTF receive applications for individuals who want to join any of these Security Agencies?

The LSSTF does not and is not involved in the recruitment of individuals into any of the Security Agencies.

 How involved is the LSSTF in the operations of these Security Agencies?

The LSSTF is a creation of the State Government responsible for providing resources to meet the needs of Security Agencies/Agents. The fund is not involved in Tactical Field Operations of these Agencies but is involved to the extent of ensuring that assets purchased and deployed to these agencies are maximally utilized and accounted for.

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