What your donations do

Lagosians and indeed, all Nigerians have longed to live in a safe and secure society. The blame for the rate of crime in the country has been hitherto laid on the security agencies and the police in particular. However, the findings of the Musiliu Smith Security Committee have revealed that the deficiencies in crime prevention boil down to only one thing – funding.

The funds received from private corporations and individuals go towards providing basic equipment to the security agencies operating in and around Lagos State. It has been discovered that when properly equipped, the response of the security agencies improves 100%. Also, statistics show that crime rate is down in Lagos State by about 70%.

One of the major complaints in the past was the lack of response in an emergency. This has been completely dealt with by the introduction of the 767 and 112 emergency toll free numbers which are routed through a 24hour call centre. Members of the public have testified of prompt and courteous response when they call those numbers. More amazing though, is the response of the law enforcement agents.

As more funds are donated, the LASG will continue to increase the number of police personnel, provide essential logistics and provide additional resources. With your help, we are meeting our objectives for security and law enforcement in Lagos. Thank you for helping make Lagos state safer.

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