Welcome to Lagos State Security Trust Fund|LSSTF

Fostering a public-private partnership to make Lagos State safer!

The Lagos State Security Trust Fund utilizes donations from corporate bodies and individuals to equip the security agencies operating within the state. It is an ongoing collaboration between the government and the people of Lagos state to ensure the safety of all Lagosians.

The Fund is essentially a public-private partnership in response to the challenges of security in Lagos State.

Structure of the Fund

The fund is designed to operate as a public-private partnership. This approach was chosen to guarantee regular access to funding, faster decision making and accountability. The Fund comprises a Board of Trustees headed by a Chairman and an Executive Secretary who is responsible for the day to day administration of the Fund. The members of the Board and Executive Secretary are appointed by the Governor for a fixed term as provided in the Law.

Objectives of the fund
Foster effective, enduring public-private partnership for crime prevention, containment and eradication in Lagos State.
Pursue private, corporate, local, state and federal funding opportunities to accomplish the state’s security goals.
Review and recommend funding for qualifying security projects.
Acquisition and deployment of security equipment and such human, material and financial resources for effective functioning of all federal, state , local and other security agencies operating in the state.
Provision of funds for the training and retraining of security personnel in Lagos state.

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