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We are advised to stay at home, observe social distancing, and even self-isolate (where necessary) in view
of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Please bear in mind that these measures which are VERY ESSENTIAL are alien to our culture in Nigeria,
so we must look for ways to ensure that we manage the situation properly.
Studies have shown that these measures have the potential to lead to the following:
i. Stress initiated by economic losses
ii. Increase in domestic violence
iii. Violence against health workers due to serious stress levels that the pandemic places on patients;
iv. Abuse and exploitation of women and girls – especially care givers.
v. Frustrations resulting from economic loss could also play into existing regional fault lines within
vi. Mental health disorders, and in some cases protracted violence
As such, social networks and systems which provide support and regulate well-being are often weakened
through restrictive non-pharmaceutical measures such as staying at home, social distancing, self-isolation
and even quarantine. You may also find yourself feeling isolated, depressed, bored, worried, ruminating,
and hopeless but You Are Not Alone!
The following will help you get through easier:

  1. Reach out to friends and family- you can still make calls so take advantage of this period to reach
  2. Schedule daily activities – write a “TO DO” LIST for each day such as – video call family and
    friends, read, write chapter one of my book, re-arrange my study, learn to cook a special meal,
    watch a movie, exercise. Take advantage of the time to do the things you have always wanted to
    do at home.
  3. Exercise
  4. Eat and drink wisely – do not over eat because you have stocked up. Eat healthy
  5. Help others- Remember render assistance to people that need your help, especially those that
    have little to survive on at this time
  6. Teach the children a learn new skills – they can learn to clean their rooms, cook, play board
    games, work on science projects, try to catch a bird, anything new!
    In addition be SECURITY CONSCIOUS!!
    Nigeria is a country that is overwhelmingly tied to the informal sector, the combination of limited access to
    social safety nets and livelihood opportunities could pose real risks to peace and security, especially in
    urban centers, where incidences of looting, home banditry and armed robbery could rise.

The Lagos State Government is aware of the issues associated with this trying period and you are assured
of security during this period while you play your part by staying at home and observing social distancing.

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